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    Cancellation Policy

    Recently we had a lot of cancellations at the last minute, so we’re now asking $50 of reservation fee. The amount will be deducted at your appointment. This amount is not refundable if cancelled in less than 48 hrs. It can be paid by interact transfer, credit card or in person. Any cancellations or changes before less than 48 hrs will lead to the automatic fees of $50.

    if your appointment is cancelled/rescheduled 48 hrs in advance, the deposit will be refunded.

    This politic will help us to improve our service and better manage our schedule.

    Thank you for your comprehension.

    IMPORTANT: Quick reminder! It’s important to show up with clean, fresh hair (without conditioner) at your appointment for hair extensions installation. Otherwise hair extensions might slide easily. If your hair is judged too dirty, it might lead to the cancellation of your appointment. Mention in advance if you would like to wash your hair so we can allow necessary time.


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