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Nanoplastia Treatment


Nanoplastia Treatment

Superior Quality Hair treatments by FELPS PROFESSIONAL or HONMA TOKYO

The nanoplastia is a treatment for the people who wish to straighten their hair and nourish it at the same time. It will nourish the hair from the inside (cortex) of it, like the hair botox treatment but it will give a straighten aspect after like the keratin treatment.

This treatment restores the condition of the hair meanwhile giving it a shiny and straight aspect. Nanoplastia is a healing procedure with the effect of straightening at 80%.

If you have dry and damaged hair but still want a straightening treatment, well nanoplastia is for you.

  • Short Length

    FROM $250
  • Medium Length

    FROM $300
  • Long Length

    FROM $350
  • Extra Long Length

    FROM $450

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Are you ready for sleek, shiny, and frizz-free locks? Say goodbye to unruly hair and hello to the hair of your dreams with our Nanoplastia treatment!

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       12 reviews
       by Anonymous

      Sensavie’s nanoplastia treatment is pure magic for your hair! My locks are now glossy and frizz-free. Thank you, Sensavie, for the fantastic transformation!

       by Anonymous

      Nanoplastia treatment at Sensavie worked wonders on my damaged hair. I’m amazed by the transformation!

       by EnchantedStrands

      Sensavie’s nanoplastia treatment is a hair savior! My locks have never looked this healthy and radiant. Thank you

       by SmoothOperator

      Sensavie’s nanoplastia treatment is simply amazing! My hair is now sleek and manageable. Thank you

       by Anonymous

      Nanoplastia treatment at Sensavie is a must-try! My hair feels incredibly soft and silky. Thank you, Sensavie team, for the fabulous results!

       by Anonymous

      Sensavie’s nanoplastia treatment is a game-changer! My hair feels healthier and looks incredibly shiny. A big thank you to the talented team!

       by SilkyStrands

      Nanoplastia treatment at Sensavie is pure magic! My hair is now unbelievably smooth and frizz-free. Thank you

       by Anonymous

      Sensavie’s nanoplastia treatment exceeded my expectations. My hair is now unbelievably smooth and shiny. Highly recommend!

       by FrizzFreeBeauty

      Sensavie’s nanoplastia treatment is a dream come true! My frizzy hair is now a thing of the past. Amazing transformation!

       by Anonymous

      Thanks, Sensavie, for the incredible nanoplastia experience! My hair feels revitalized, and the results are stunning.

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