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Hair Extensions – Frequently Asked Questions

Your hair will continue to grow as usual. And extensions do not alter the growth of hair. When you remove your hair extensions after a few months you should, in principle, end up with the same hair. With some extra growth.

The hair extensions are either natural (cut from a living person) or synthetic.

Extensions are basically a natural hair that has been colored and depigmented. These bits are naturally slightly wavy. But the hair quality will suffer and you will end up with straw on your head. Please avoid asking extensions in shades of blond when it comes to very curly hair because our experience has shown that the results are often disappointing.

It is important not to apply the hot air of a hair dryer directly at the roots. Doing so may take off connections between your real hair and extensions. It is better to hold the hair dryer twenty inches from your head, and for smoothing, opt for a flat iron.

If your hair is too fragile, avoid extensions … and limit breaks!

Extensions require special attention: it must at all costs avoid the tangle. Use a mild shampoo and lean your head back. And, to finish in style, use care on length.

Let me be clear: prohibition to use a comb! This is the best way to ruin your extensions. So bet on a hair brush.

An application of extensions is valid for 4 to 6 months.

Hair Botox – Frequently Asked Questions

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Keratin Treatment – Frequently Asked Questions

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Nanoplastia – Frequently Asked Questions

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