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Hair Extensions


Keratin Hair Extensions

Superior Quality Hair Extensions by Naturalook

Hair Extensions are attached one by one, stuck with the keratin melted a few millimeters from the root of real hair. The extensions last for about six months. This type of installation doesn’t damage your hair, if it’s done by a Trained Specialist. Hair Extensions will be installed on clean and dry hair. To install them, your hair should be 10 inches minimum.


Micro Ring Hair Extensions

Superior Quality Hair Extensions by Naturalook

Attached with micro rings (rings of 3 mm, very small). Hair Extensions are attached one by one and you can reuse them several times. This type of installation doesn’t damage your hair, if it’s done by a Trained Specialist. Hair Extensions will be installed on clean and dry hair. To install them, your hair should be 10 inches minimum. They last for about 3 to 4 months.


Tape-in Hair Extensions

Superior Quality Hair Extensions by Naturalook

Tape in Hair Extensions are applied to hair using tape and are attached quickly by pressing two tapes towards each other with a part of your own hair in between. The extensions are completely invisible since they are lying flat down towards your head. The Tape in Hair Extensions method, also called seamless or skin weft extensions, is new newest most innovative extension method on the market and is extremely popular. Tape in Hair Extensions normally lasts 3-4 months. They are also very easy to remove. Almost all tape in extensions can be reuse by changing the tape.

  • Hair Extensions Half Head

    50 Strands
  • Hair Extensions Full Head

    100 Strands
  • Hair Extensions Per Strand

    1 Strand
  • Hair Extensions Tape Sandwich

    Tape (each sandwich)
  • Hair Extensions Removal Service

    FROM $100

IMPORTANT: Quick reminder! It’s important to show up with clean, fresh hair (without conditioner) at your appointment for hair extensions installation. Otherwise hair extensions might slide easily. If your hair is judged too dirty, it might lead to the cancellation of your appointment. Mention in advance if you would like to wash your hair so we can allow necessary time.

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      Welcome to Sensavie Salon

      Taking care of your beauty is important but having the balance of your inner and outer beauty is essential. Sensavie salon beautifies your life and takes care of your beauty needs

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      Sensavie Salon
      Average rating:  
       25 reviews
       by M

      Best hair salon! If you need to get hair extensions its the place to go. Anna is super sweet and the service is just what I wouldve wished for. Efficient and nice ambiance. I Am definitely coming back here again. My hair looks awesomeee

       by Billy Will

      Great service and stuff. Thank you!

       by Anna Bananna

      ONE LOVE♀️♀️♂️

       by G V

      Les extensions moi J’adore! C’est révolutionnaire! Moi je mets souvent des extensions à clips c’est pratique rapide et sans entretien particulier! Sinon j’ai testé les micro anneaux et c’est vraiment pas mal c’est une pause à froid. C’est rapide et ça tient sur la durée contrairement au clips. Donc voilà si tu veux d’abord “tester” en volume ou longueur peut être que tu devrais passer par les clip-In. Et ensuite une méthode à froid/chaud pour la durée dans le

       by Annie V

      Sensavie was the only salon to answer my call when I suddenly had to get a last minute hair appointment, and I am SO glad they did!! They set me up with Roushana and she was awesome! She gave me exactly what I was looking for. Awesome atmosphere, awesome service. I will definitely be going back! xxx

       by Diane

      Rouchana has been great! She is friendly, talented, fast & gentle. The price worth every penny! They’ve earned a regular customer

       by Vanessa

      Juste wow! Javais les cheveux tres mince au depart et je suis sortit du salon avec des cheveux tres garnis , la qualite des cheveux est tres naturel. Jadore mes nouvelles extension de cheveux par micro-bille.
      Merci sensavie 🙂

       by Suzanne

      I wish i could post a photo of my hair! I have never been sooo thrilled with my hair! They literally did miracles. It looks natural, it blends well with my hair, it was pain free and they was very knowledgeable in recommending a type of extension that will work for me. I do martial arts and I can’t have my extensions fall off during a fight (in front of the boys) lol. My hair is my signature and now it says vavavoom thanks to Sensavie…
      PS i also had eye lash extensions for an event and they were awesome!!! Go… just go!

       by Kamilia

      She is an artist and the effect is so natural no one will even notice.

       by Zhou

      I have long, thin hair and love extensions but don’t want to pay $1000. I used to go get it braided in for around $500 but had stopped getting extensions once that salon shut down and I couldn’t find another place with similar rates and good quality hair. Then I found Naturalook and am thrilled with the results.

      The hair matched perfectly with my slight ombré and looks so natural. I have already recommended them to my friends that like extensions but I can’t say enough good things about Naturalook!

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